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We understand that as an active duty military person, whether you are at your home duty station or are serving abroad, transitioning from civilian to military life can be quite the day to day struggle. Add to that the periodic change of duty station and the effects it can have both on you and your family can really be stressful.

Military Family Report was created to assist you and your family by providing a platform where other service members and family members can share their experiences and hopefully provide you with information to make your life easier to manage.

As a service member, your training is structured to build you mentally, enhancing your reflexes, agility, and reactions, preparing you for a specific mission.

But after the mission, you must let your guard down and come home to a girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, children, parents, who go through life as civilians and don’t always understand the pressures of military service.

This is why Military Family Report wants to help you not only share your stories but also provide support and information that will help to relieve the mental stress that could arise from continually transitioning from military life to civilian life and back to military life again.

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Our members can provide you information regarding dealing with the military, money management wealth creation, relationship tips, child rearing when you need it.

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