Here at Military Family Report, we hold the parents of all military personnel in very high regard because you have made the greatest sacrifices to raise a child who has taken upon themselves the challenge to serve and honor our nation. As parents of service members, you risk becoming a Gold Star Parent and that is a designation we don’t wish upon anyone.

If you are already a Gold Star Parent then our thoughts and prayers are with you and we can only hope that you find peace in your life after such a loss. If you would honor us with your presence here at Military Family Report you can rest assured that the community will respect your sacrifice and would be eager to support your needs in any way possible. Any contribution you make to our community would be greatly appreciated.

We understand that many times, you, as a military parent often feel left out in the cold, relying only on what little information you have access to. While you may have gotten used to it or are still in the process of getting used to it, we know and truly appreciate your sacrifices since your child began his or her military service.

Military Family Report is a platform created to help military parents share their unique stories and experiences as well as gain access to ample information concerning their child or children in active service and we would love it if you joined our family.

We are confident that your story could be another person’s motivation – and help them get through the tough and unsure times that many military parents go through.

Military Family Report is uniquely positioned to help you stay informed and provide the tools necessary to make you feel like a part of your child’s military life.

Join Military Family Report today and meet and share stories with other like-minded parents who have been where you are now or are following in your footsteps.

Please take some comfort in knowing that you are not alone.

We look forward to hearing from you.